Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy Ladies Nov. Craft Night

Our once a month craft group met on Monday night for some Christmas Ornament crafting fun. Paula hosted this month and her parents were visiting from out of town so I was able to meet her mom. What a nice gal...just as lovely as Paula....guess that is where she got her wonderfulness.  Jen and I were the only other two from the regular group to make it this time since it was so close to Thanksgiving Day, and we had a blast. Paula made these years ago and decided to teach us how to make them....check out how stinking cute they are.....

This cute little angel isn't supposed to be bald, but I didn't find the hair or yarn for it yet. They are made from paper bags, cut out, painted and embellished. We added wire hanger and there you are....cute handmade ornament for decorating or giving.
If you look closely you can see the adorable cookie cutter shapes used to embellish the gingerbread cookie man. So adorable!
Last but not least, this adorable snowman! Isn't he cute!!! I can hardly believe I made him. I didn't get pics of the other ones made last night, but they were all soooo cute! Thanks to Paula for hosting a fun and festive evening.


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! :)

Scrappin' Cat! said...

Wow! Those are really cute.