Friday, October 22, 2010

Crazy Ladies Craft Night

My friend Cathy over at showed me the planner she made and I knew I had to make one. So, when it came time for our next craft night I decided to make these since the holidays are around the corner. The crazy ladies and I set out to make these and thru much trial and error and laughter, finally succeeded. We used a manila file folder, but you can also use a school pocket folder that doesn't have the binder tabs in it. We used a variety of Christmas papers, but you can use stamps, or whatever you like to decorate. 

Here is the inside. It holds different planning and organizing documents. These were found on  I will be offering a class on making these in November as well. Contact me for more information. 


Jen said...

Yours turned out really cute. I love the little houses and the beautiful blue color. Great project! Thanks again for sharing.

BrandyLovesScrappin said...

Any kits available for this one?